Trustees Donation


  • To promote infrastructural development so as reach the poorest of poor of the society.
  • To promote human resource development.
  • To promote conservation of forest and natural resources of the country.
  • To promote development of cultural and entertainment programmes
  • To promote welfare of women and children.
  • To promote tourism in the Country.
  • To promote sports among the youth and to conduct competitions to unearth the talent among them.
  • Connecting the all the Grama Panchayath to all the cities in the country and construction of new takes where ever is needed to solve the drinking water problem.
  • Preparing a list of house –site less families in districts in all the states of the country and planning for providing house the houseless.
  • Holding survey to ensure better transportation system from rural areas to cities and taking suitable action with a proper plan.
  • Holding survey on bridges in all the districts and preparing proposals for construction of new bridges There will be planning for repairing the old bridges.
  • Conducting survey on need of open wells in all the areas and finding the need of such wells to solve the water problem preparing the proposal for installation of cement concrete rings to needed open wells to prevent soil erosion.
  • Conducting of sophisticated public toilets in all the underdeveloped villages in all the districts in all states creating awareness among the rural public on problems by open defecation.
  • Creating awareness on psychological problems legal system and sex education through camps and workshop preparation of documentaries on such issues to exhibit in rural areas.
  • Planting of saplings on all the along the sides of roads national and state highways disposing the dead trees and collection of products from trees.
  • Installation of solar fencing in all the forests in all the districts of the country planning for installation of elephant proof trenches(EPT) in all the forest regions.


Hut Free India


The donation you give us will definitely change the life of poor people. If you have any such intention to do so or need any more information about our organization its activities please fill the details below and send it to us. We will get back to you at the earliest.